If you’ve spent any time around the Community House or at one of our recent events, you’ve likely seen Carey Shiflett… Great Sky’s Lifestyle Director! We caught up with Carey to learn a little more about her and what she loves about working here at Great Sky:

Tell us a little about yourself. What brought you to Great Sky?

I graduated college in 2017 and traveled for a bit in Asia after. I got home in June of 2018 and was working as a nanny while I was applying for jobs. I reached out to a friend who worked with a staffing agency, and she helped place me on different assignments. At the end of November, I got placed here at Great Sky as a greeter and eventually became the Lifestyle Director! 

Describe what you do as Lifestyle Director.

As a Lifestyle Director, I plan the social calendar for the community and do my best to create an inviting and fun environment for everyone! I try to accommodate every age through a range of different activities so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know!

What’s your favorite thing about the Great Sky community?

I love meeting the residents and connecting with them while creating a space that allows them to connect with their neighbors and build community! It’s such a fun job, and I enjoy making new friends throughout Great Sky 😊

What’s your favorite thing about Canton?

Canton is a quaint town with friendly people… I grew up close to Atlanta and am used to a busy fast paced lifestyle. I feel like Canton is a nice change of pace for me!

What upcoming Great Sky event are you most looking forward to?

I’m very excited for the pool to open and for the barbeque food truck coming on May 26th! Its going to be a fun day by the pool with good food!

Interested in connecting with Carey about an upcoming event or program? You can reach her at greatskylifestyledirector@outlook.com!

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