So you’re ready to find the home of your dreams, and you realize that you have a lot of decisions to make… Where do you want to live? How much space will you need? How can you know you’ll get the most for your money? Maybe you’re considering whether you should buy a house currently on the market or build your new home in a planned community. Wouldn’t it be great to know how each process would play out and what you might encounter along the way? Then look no further than the stories of our friends Resale Rhonda and New Buyer Nancy! 

Resale Rhonda has spent week after week researching home listings as soon as they hit the market. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the good ones aren’t available for long, so she finds herself on listing websites day and night to not miss any options. She recently found a house she really liked in the neighborhood where her family wants to live, but by the time she arrived for a tour, the owner had already received two full price offers. She starts to wonder if she’ll ever find what she’s looking for…

Meanwhile, New Buyer Nancy has found her way to Great Sky in Canton where she’s excited to start construction on her new home. She discovered various available lots to choose from and found the perfect one on the corner for her family. She never felt rushed to decide where they would build, and after weighing several great options, is excited to start bringing her dream home to life.

After several months of market research and making offers, Resale Rhonda finally goes under contract. The house is older than she had hoped, so there’s some wear and tear to the exterior and many of the interior finishes are dated. She’s hoping that some of this can be addressed with the current owner during the due diligence period, but that means even more negotiation and compromise. The numbers start racking up as she realizes how much the remaining updates will cost after closing.

Shortly after choosing her lot and selecting between five unique home builders, New Buyer Nancy has been busy customizing every last detail of her family’s new home in Great Sky. From the floorplan all the way to the kitchen countertops, Nancy knows that everything will look and feel just the way she wants it to the day her family receives the keys. Meanwhile, her family is excited about all the amenities their new community has to offer including the Community House, swimming complex, tennis and basketball courts, playground, and much more.

It’s been a long road, but after a due diligence extension and several weeks of continued negotiation, Resale Rhonda finally closes on her house. The previous owner has left more of a mess than she anticipated, so there’s still work to be done before her family can begin to make it their own. Since they had to settle on a couple factors, including storage options and the size of the master bedroom, Rhonda has some decisions to make on what items from their old house will make the cut and what will have to be left behind.

It’s move in day at Great Sky and New Buyer Nancy’s family couldn’t be more excited! With construction complete and keys in hand, Nancy is amazed as she walks through the home that meets her family’s every want and need. She sees the extended patio in the backyard that her family wanted, as well as the custom light fixtures she chose throughout the living room and hallways. The kids have picked out their rooms and it’s time to start settling in to their new home!

As you weigh the many decisions that come along with home buying process, it’s important to consider the many advantages that new construction can offer. Here at Great Sky, our future residents experience the peace of mind of knowing they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for in a home without having to compete against a long line of potential buyers. For more information or to explore available options in our community, please visit

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